Sunday, 27 January 2013

Songs of our fathers

Fathers don't have many songs dedicated to them. Our job is to be a presence in the background, being strong and confident, firm when needed, silly when required. Our job is be there.

Yesterday our father left us.

I had a call at 4.20pm from a hospital in Nigeria. "Daddy is gone".

I am a 50 year old boy (that's me looking suave with my brother, Roland, in his mid 40's in his nappy). I sat on the stairs while my own son put a kindly arm around me.

As I sit here with my tears before dawn, I am searching for a song about fathers. Where are the songs of our fathers? Where is our father's song?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your loss.
I thought of you yesterday when I was fishing with my Dad, who like yours, is my oracle and has always been there for me.
Knowing this day will arrive makes it no easier, but knowing you, I am sure you will step up and be that Oracle!
Regards and Best Wishes to you and the family.
Andrew T.

Anonymous said...

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandroos that is so appropriate.Sorry for your loss. His memories live on.