Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Of Snow and Schmoozing

In the departure lounge at London City Airport playing "spot the Davos Delegate". What sort of people are these 2,500 global business and political leaders? The confident senior looking, tanned executive with his 8am-diamond-wearing-model-looking-wife/partner7secretary? Probably. The young, geezer in the expensive leather jacket barking in to his mobile phone in an American accent? Could be. The slightly scruffy looking black guy with a battered shoulder bag? Not likely! (That last one`s me by the way.).

Anyway, off I go for five days of schmoozing in Davos. As I watch the plummeting stock market news on TV I can`t help smiling to myself at the thought of how much collective wealth the self satisfied Davos delegates must have lost in the past 24 hours. Until I remember that that includes me. Oh Cr@p.

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