Wednesday, 23 January 2008

How not to Network

You win some, you lose some. I think I lost this one.

So, I`m standing around in the Davos conference hall having a cup of tea when I spot a face I recognise, lounging in a chair on his own not talking to anyone. The 30-something year old, multi-million dollar founder of one of the worlds most popular new Web companies. Ah ha! I stroll casually over, not too fast, don`t seem hungry.

Hi there, I say, I`m Tom (because I am and I can`t think of a better opening line).

"Chad" he says in that West Coast drawl, reaching out a hand.

Excellent. Now I know who he is. Got to make a connection fast. My mind whizzes through people I know that he works with. Then I go for it. "I was chatting to one of your guy, XYZ, a couple of weeks ago" I say casually by way of establishing common ground.

He looks slightly puzzled. "You know" I say "the guy at Facebook responsible for..." my words drain away as I glance down at his badge and read "Chad, YouTube".


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