Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A 10% increase in the THI (Tom Happiness Index) in 2013

After a turbulent year, the THI (Tom Happiness Index) ended a full 10% higher at the end of 2013. Buyers of "Tom Happiness" will have made a tidy profit, even though the index got off to a shaky start.

Analysts are optimistic that 2014 could yield similarly positive results, possibly even delivering a bumper happiness year, providing the fundamentals stay on track and there are no major JRS (Joy-Related Shocks).

The THI opened 2013 at a level of 111,111 but plummeted in late January when the death of Tom's Dad was announced, falling 23% and ending the month at 85,556. Things didn't look good and several faint-hearted investors sold Tom at that point, driving the index even lower, at one point dipping below 80,000!

The index bounced back powerfully following the funeral when the pall-bearers danced down the high street with my Dad's coffin hoisted aloft. THI closed at 92,153 at the end of February.

Tom Happiness Index drifted sideways in March, but leapt again in April to over 100,000 as Tom celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with a wonderful weekend break in Monaco followed by a lovely family lunch at Kettners for his mother's birthday in May. (Professional investors in happiness should note that a luxury weekend in Monaco can add over 10,000 Happiness Index points).

Over the next couple of months, the THI drifted down as we approached the first anniversary of the death of Tom's Big Brother, Jim. But by skillful happiness day-trading, taking a smile here, a giggle there, we were able to stop the decline from going too far. Tom's strategy of planning his huge, Cuban themed 50th Birthday Party for July surrounded by friends and family to counter the downward pressure of the first anniversary worked well. But it took the additional excitement of making the huge decision to book a seat on board Virgin Galactic to fly into space to drive the THI upward, in the face of the emotional storm, closing July a shade under 100,000 at 98,529.

August was a bumper month for the Tom Happiness Index. The African Gifted Foundation Academy took place in Accra, Ghana with nearly 100 students from ten different countries and Tom rode the wave of excitement and potential to add an amazing 15,037 happiness points, lifting him into positive territory for the first time in 2013 with an index of 113,568!

September was a solid month for the Tom Happiness Index. The index continued to climb as big plans continued to come together nicely. The decision to build a brand new school for gifted young people in Africa and kick off that project boosted the Index nicely. That coupled with donations continuing to roll in to the Jim Stanfield Memorial Fund that will support a disadvantaged student at Jim's old college in Oxford pushed more happiness Tom's way. The Index closed higher again at 116,751 at the end of September.

October and November drove the THI index over the 120,000 mark for the first time. The opportunity to speak at a major conference in Nigeria on African Gifted education and the receipt of some large donations towards the permanent African Academy all contributed to the inflow of happiness.

Finally, a big family wedding in December kicked the THI nearly 2,000 points higher and thus the Tom Happiness Index ends December at 123,417 - a 12,306 point increase on the opening position and an 11% growth in overall happiness.

Not a bad return on investment.

I hope you had a Net Happy 2013 and look forward to a continued upward trend to your index in 2014

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