Saturday, 10 May 2008

Welcome to my world

Typical startup day on Friday.

Very important telephone conference call Board meeting, with VCs, execs, lawyers to finalise a $millions funding deal which will enable us to launch in the USA. Lots of detailed paperwork to go through. Resolutions to be passed. T's crossed and i's dotted.

Only I found it a bit difficult to hear everything that was being said as for most of the meeting I was lying on my back (in my suit) with my legs sticking out the office door, putting a new office chair together!

Hey, what can I say. I'm a startup guy. This is what we do. Welcome to my world.

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Benjamin said...

LOL. That brings back memories. I remember the look on the face of an early hire in the 90s when he discovered HE had to put paper in the printer because there was no IT guy. I used a question based on that for a while as a screener in interviews!